Secrets to Viral Video Marketing

 Jun 16, 2018  


About the Speaker: Aashish Chopra, Vice President-Content Marketing at He is an award-winning viral video marketer, having made and marketed videos with millions of shares and gazillion views. One of his videos became Asia’s most shared branded Facebook post and another got 40 million views in a week. In 2018 alone, three of his videos have clocked highest engagement in India. He also won the Content Marketer of the year recently. Aashish has been on stage at events at IIT Bombay, IIM, IAMAI, ClickAsia, FICCI, Ashoka University, ICFAI, Digital Marketing Summit – Asia, sold-out masterclasses at DMAasia Delhi & Mumbai, Webit. India, NDTV, TiE Travel Marketing Summit, NIIT, and YourStory. In this session: Aashish shares the method to the madness behind viral videos. This is the story of learnings from the content marketing trenches, of how experiments became best practices for multi-million view viral videos. The story of how a video became Asia’s most shared branded Facebook post, another hit 40 million views in a week, and one in January 2018 became a video with the highest engagement in India. Attendees would learn: How to approach content for contagiousness. How to pick viral-worthy topics. How not to think 'viral'. How to make videos mobile native and strategies for distribution. Also, it packs the scene case studies which build on the method to the madness behind multi million views viral videos.