Affidavit Hindi Sign

An affidavit is a legal declaration signed by an individual- a statement claiming that every information provided by him or her is authentic and accurate with no perjury involved. It is a written statement made by the individual who is known as the deponent or affiant who by producing an affidavit is legally responsible for the originality of the documents and signatures that are provided by him or her. An affidavit is administered by an official legally bound to do so - who witnesses the signature produced by the deponent and can vouch for its authenticity
such as a commissioner of oaths.

An affidavit is an important tool for court proceedings and acts as an evidence for the same as ordered by the Supreme Court. It can be drafted by the person who signs it or an impartial third person who makes the statements accordingly. The person whose signature is present in an affidavit takes full responsibility and upon deduction of perjury is held accountable by law to either pay a fine or in more serious cases, jail time. The witness(es) also sign the affidavit. Indian laws do not account for affidavits as evidence unless specifically stated by the Supreme
Court that it is presentable- that is when and if the opposition declares their right to cross examine the deponent.
An affidavit acts as a record of who undertook a certain responsibility or service and what documents were procured at that particular time. Affidavits can also be used by creditors as proof of how much money is owed in debt by an individual or company to them especially if said company might be vulnerable to a downfall or bankruptcy in the near future.


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