NOC From Landlord

If your company requires rented location for setting up its registered office, it is mandatory to obtain a no objection certification from the landlord who owns the property. This should be done before the company starts functioning and the location is made public and official. This certificate is the proof you need to show that who ever has rented out the premises for use by your company for setting up an office has no objection towards you using the said premises for the same purpose and that he or she has willingly allocated their property to you.
Lease documents and rental agreements are separate documents that must also be produced in case of renting an office location. This no objection certificate acts as your legal safeguard against the landlords who might raise unreasonable complaints or demands that are not included in the rental agreements. The details of your landlord including their name, contact details, the name of your company, the exact address that is being rented out, etc are included in this certificate apart from the signature of the landlord expressing his or her agreement.

This no objection certification obtained from the landlord can act as an address proof for your company indicating that this exact location is your registered office, the renter being the witness in case of any dispute. The certificate can be obtained online with not much hassle and printed out using plain paper which can then be filled out and signed by the necessary persons. It is not compulsory that the certificate should be issued or signed by the directors of the company, it can be procured by the relatives of the directors as well.


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