Offer Letter

An offer letter is a proposal drafted by a recruiter or manager of a company to offer someone they are interested in, a position best suited to their experience and qualifications. It is considered a formal invitation towards the potential employee welcoming him or her to join the team. This is usually in addition to a verbal offer that is made via call. An offer letter would ideally comprise of the following details including a short but accurate description of the job - what is expected of the employee during the time of employment and over the coming days, the salary the company offers initially and what hike in salary the candidate can expect in the coming future, a comprehensive summary of the duties and responsibilities towards the company that is expected from him or her and the principles of the company- including its description and motto, general atmosphere, etc. Apart from this the employee benefits, work hours, how many days the candidate can procure as paid leaves, a hierarchy of reporting, etc is enlisted and highlighted.

Usually the consent and willingness of the candidate to work for the company is expressed by his or her signing of the letter and submitting it as proof of formal acceptance of the position offered to him or her. An offer letter is usually drafted and sent after a round of preliminary interviews directly offering them the job with no need for further interviews. The terms and conditions set aside in the offer letter are applicable throughout the proposed contract of employment and hence must be drafted clearly and with caution. Terms and conditions that may lead to an early termination of the employment contract are also clearly mentioned ideally, in the offer letter either as an attachment or part of the letter.


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