Resignation Letter

A letter of resignation is a written declaration to a manager or supervisor to announce that the employee is planning to vacate the current position he or she holds in terms of employment in a company. This letter is a legally required document to further proceed with the execution of the resignation of the employee. It is a notice given to the employer stating that upon effect of producing the letter, within a specified period of time that has been agreed upon during employment, the defined employee is relieved of all his or her duties towards the company and is free to seek employment elsewhere. In case the employment has been made on a contract
basis, the notice is unilateral. Ideally a letter of resignation is presented well in advance to the company so that both the employer and the employee are able to take necessary actions regarding their respective duties. The employee is expected to confirm a date of resignation that shall be his or her last day at work wherein their duties are assigned and handed over to other people as required and all dues are cleared for both the parties.

In specific cases, the resignation can be effective immediately upon request. This letter of registration can act as a tool to express gratitude towards the employer for having been given the opportunity to work and gain relevant experience. In case the employee is being unburdened from work for a while, they might propose to help train the new occupant for the vacated position; this is however a courtesy and not mandatory. Also, it is not compulsory for the employee to provide reasons for termination of employment. However, in good faith and to leave a good impression on one’s former boss, it is best to word the reason in a concise manner that shall provide for an effective and comfortable exit interview.


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