Notice to Landlord

When you rent a location for your company, it becomes necessary to hold certain responsibilities such as providing a notice to your landlord regarding the details of your planned eviction including the dates and other necessary information so that upon wishing to do so, they may rent out the premises or so right after you vacate the place. Ideally, a notice period of at least one month is provided to the landlord written down in a letter or e-mail (if they have expressed consent previously for receiving notifications from you through electronic means) and signed by the same person who has signed the rental agreement.
It is best to provide an accurate date for vacation, failing which the closest possible date may be mentioned. It should also be mentioned whether you are vacating the premises due to the end of the tenancy contract are due to other reasons- providing details of which are optional. By providing a notice your landlord, you take up responsibility of doing what is necessary to restore the previous quality of the property as much as possible by leaving behind a clean premises as well as fixing the damages that have been caused during your stay or stating that you will compensate for the same as per agreements. You take up responsibility of clearing away all your personal and other objects that were not there when you moved in. This notice is also an invitation, in your presence, for the landlord to personally inspect the premises and confirm the state of the property and instruct regarding any maintenance issues that may be present and fix an appointment with them for the same.
Details regarding refunding your security deposit following any deductions is also mentioned in the notice.


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