Notice to Tanant to Vacate Property

A proper notice, documented in writing, unless otherwise agreed upon, is mandatory to be delivered to the tenants well in advance as agreed upon in the rental agreement by the landlord and the tenant. The ideal notice period would be three months failing which at least 41 days notice must be provided to the tenants. This notice must be signed by the landlord providing the exact location of the property, the date for eviction and other relevant information. Apart from very specific and limited exceptions, this notice cannot be given to the tenants prior
to the end of the duration of the tenancy contract. The circumstances for emergency eviction must be clearly mentioned in the rental agreement and even then a minimum notice period is applicable during which, the tenants can either negotiate for renewed agreement to prolong the stay or have enough time to find a different location.

This notice period also helps them to fix any damages that may have been caused as well as clear out their belongings. This is necessary for companies to register their premises under different addresses and obtain various verifications for the same. This notice can also propose a date for inspection of the property by you so that necessary maintenance related changes can be made before vacation of the tenants.

The landlord is legally bound to provide reasons that are accurate and can be proved in case of short notice periods failing the provision of which can be legally challenged by the tenants. Special circumstances applicable to the tenants as well who might not be able to move out by the said date due to reasons that are beyond their control- which must be addressed by contacting them through other means.


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