Partnership Firm

Partnership business is easier to establish, startup cost is low and it is ideal for the small entrepreneur(s) wants to start partnership business and are generally not willing to raise funds through open market. It does not involve many of the complex filing requirements associated with other types of business structures. Forming a partnership is one solution to overcoming certain disadvantages associated with running a business as a sole trader. A partnership is a way of sharing the problems, risk, hard work and the association which will always be a part of trying to manage all aspects of a business you own.

Due to more number of members/partners, the firm will have larger resources for operations in comparison to sole proprietorship business and consequently will have better management. Risk sharing is to be borne by each partner individually although will have unlimited liability as any of the partner can be held liable of others wrong doing. Personal assets of the partner(s) can also be attached for recovery of debts, losses or pending dues. Partnership firm does not enjoy the legal status like in case of corporation, which can raise funds through stock market etc. it is beneficial for small and closely held businesses.

Benefits of Partnership

Ease of Formation

It is very easy to open up the Partnership Firm as compare to any form of business.


You can have up to 20 partners in same firm.


Cost wise it is very budgeted to start the Partnership Firm.


Closing the partnership is very easy process as compare to other form of business.

Necessary Documents for Partnership Firm

PAN Card

PAN card of each Partner

Identity Proof

Identity Proof of each Partner - Aadhaar Card/Voter ID Card/Driving License.

Address Proof

Residence proof of each Partner - Utility Bills such as Electricity/Telephone/Bank Statement (not older than 2 months).

Registered Office Address Proof

Address proof of the Registered Address of Firm - Rent Agreement and Utility Bill of same address in name of landlord - NOC from the landlord/director.

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  •   Partnership Deed
  •   Partnership PAN
  •   Partnership TAN
  •   Assistance on Bank account opening
  •   Assistance on Accounting software

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FAQ's on Partnership Registration

No it is not mandatory, it can be registered subsequently

Any name can be use to form a Partnership Firm except which is not similar the name use by any governmental authority in any manner.

If the number of partners is more than 20, it has to be registered as a company.

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