Increase in Capital


“Authorised capital” or “nominal capital” means such capital as is authorised by the memorandum of a company to be the maximum amount of share capital of the company. The authorised share capital is the maximum amount of share capital that a company can issue to its members/ shareholders. Generally, the companies registered with a small authorised capital and increased as per the requirements or conditions imposed by the lender/investors, customers (particularly the government companies and large corporates where the capital and net worth of the suppliers are prescribed and when the company wants to issue the bonus shares). The Companies Act 2013 allows the companies to alter its authorised share capital with certain procedures which are governed by Section 61-64 of the Act along with Section 13 and 14 of the act which governs the alterations to the Chartered Documents being the Memorandum of Association and Articles Of Association of the company. Once the authorised share capital is increased, new shares can be issued to existing or new stakeholders and money raised shall be deposited in company’s bank account. It is always advisable to have higher authorised share capital, which may become paid-up share capital as and when required basis.

Key Considerations:

• To increase the authorise share capital company needs to be passed the ordinary resolution in the meeting of the members

• Authorise board to act as authorise person for doing the all kind of act and deeds and submitting the forms with government

• Alteration of MOA due to change in authorised capital of company

• After completion of process necessary documents has to be submitted with the government


• Good source of fund infusion for the company

• It reflects the Company’s strategic decision to expand its business in the market

• It reflects the size of a company and consequently greater chances to receive funding

• Greater flexibility for finance expansion of the company

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Necessary Documents for Increase in Capital


Altered Company’s MoA and AoA


Signed copy of resolution passed


Notice of General Meeting called

Digital Signature

Digital Signatures of the authorised person

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  •   Board resolution and agenda to be transact in Board Meeting
  •   Notice for meeting of members
  •   Assistance in conducting of General Meeting
  •   Minutes of the meeting
  •   Submission of e-Forms with MCA
  •   Altered MOA/AOA of Company

RS. 4,999/-
RS. 2,999/- Professional fees

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FAQ's on Increase in Capital

Yes, the government will charge the fees according the amount of authorise share capital.

Yes, company need to conduct a board meeting to transact this business.

Not required, simple alteration will work.

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